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Sonya Yvette

About the founder

"Transform challenges into stepping stones towards a healthier, happier you."

Sonya, the visionary behind Zizzy Fit, embarked on a fitness journey marked by the challenges of juggling a career, family life as a wife and mother, and personal well-being.  Driven by a desire for both comfort and style to boost her confidence in pursuing fitness, Sonya began crafting custom activewear in 2020. These creations, embodying the essence of what she sought in her own journey, laid the foundation for Zizzy Fit. Her designs are not just about aesthetics; they are tailored to enhance both the appearance and the emotional well-being of those who wear them, inspiring a lifestyle of health and happiness.

About us

How it all started

Stitching Confidence into Every Seam - The 2020 Story of Reinvention and Resilience

In the bustling, unpredictable year of 2020, amidst global upheavals, Sonya found herself at a crossroads. Balancing a demanding career, family responsibilities as a wife and mother, and the gnawing concerns about her personal health and well-being, she faced a stark realization: her lifestyle needed a transformative change.

2020 - Established

The epiphany struck not just as a need but as an urgent call to action. Sonya's health, both mental and physical, had started to bear the brunt of her hectic routine. This was the moment when the seeds of Zizzy Fit were sown. She envisioned a brand that would be more than just apparel; it would be a catalyst for change, a source of inspiration and confidence for others on similar journeys.

In the solitude of her thoughts and the quiet corners of her home, Sonya began sketching, designing, and dreaming. Her vision was clear: to create activewear that was not only stylish and comfortable but also empowering. She wanted her clothes to be a nudge, a whisper of encouragement for anyone standing on the precipice of their fitness journey, hesitant and unsure.

By intertwining her personal struggles and aspirations, Sonya's designs were not mere fabric and thread. They were embodiments of resilience, determination, and the joy of transformation. Every stitch was a testament to overcoming challenges, each design a narrative of rebirth and rejuvenation.

As 2020 rolled on, amidst the chaos and uncertainties, Zizzy Fit emerged as a beacon of hope and motivation. Sonya's creations weren't just clothing; they were armors of confidence, crafted to make anyone wearing them feel their best, both inside and out. This was how Zizzy Fit was born – not just as a brand, but as a movement, a testament to the enduring spirit of transformation and self-betterment.

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